Hands Give Shape

A motion tracking glove-like device to turn gestures into control-data. It is based on an ESP32 microcontroller, multiple IMU-Sensors and Touch-Sensor. The communication is wireless.

The motivation behind this project is the control of instruments, sound-parameter and especially control over spatial sound systems.

Hands give shape @ next_generation 8.0

Concert at ZKM at the next_generation 8.0 festival and premiere for “Hands give shape” with the first version of the motion tracking glove. It was held at the ZKM’s Cubus concert-room which has an 46 speaker dome system.

Ambisonic Guitar

experimental guitarperformance with live sound creation and spatialisation

Recording at TU Studio on Youtube


Soundinstallation “Escapismus” presented at Mediacampus Darmstadt-Dieburg in 2015. An interactive soundinstallation which allowed the recipient to sort and move sounds attached to certain elements of the painting. The position and movement of the sound as well as the position in the picture were projected from the listeners position in the room.


Concert AUTOTEILE Atau Tanaka. A concert with different artists connected to Atau Tanaka who held the Edgard-Varese Guestprofessorship at TU-Berlin in summer 2019.

Was in der Welt

A performance were no bonds were given and musicians, dancer, artists and spoken words got together and were created in a constant process of reacting and leading the other elements in a feedback-alike concept driven by spontaneity.

Symposium and Concert Interacting with Body, Electronics and Space
Recording, Tech, FOH, Post

This event held by Atau Tanaka and Henrik von Coler was the about questions which emerge in the field of musical interaction through  technical means and the concept of embodiment. How does the body act in space through sound? How might technology mediate this? How do we create new means of interaction and what musical or performative acts result from these developments?

Concert: HUB-Mode
Recording, Tech, FOH, Post

Chris Chafe and the Electronic Studio TU Berlin with network based performances in Silent Green.