Paul Schuladen studied „Digital Media: Sound and Musicproduction“ at Hochschule Darmstadt and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 2016. In this context, he has worked on productions in the popular music context and contemporary music, as well as in the field of film audio.

He has been responsible for the technical support and conception of a variety of events and concerts. His main focus is working with 3D audio systems, for which he programmed an iPad app for comprehensive spatial control, positioning and movement of sounds using multitouch gestures as his bachelor thesis.

Since October 2016 he studies „Audio Communication and Technology“ at the TU Berlin and works in the electronic studios of the department since 2017.

During this time he has developed various contemporary electronic compositions, productions and performances with influences of various artists he worked with, e.g. Gerriet Sharma, Natasha Barrett, Oliver Schneller and Atau Tanaka.

During this phase of his artistic career, he benefited in particular from his profound physical understanding and knowledge of digital audio processing methods, which were also incorporated into his artistic productions.

In addition to the recording and production methods of Spatial Audio and experimental live performances, with his project „Hands give Shape“ he develops a modern approach to making the human hand usable as a means of expression in multidimensional sound space.

That project is part of his ongoing efforts to develop better interfaces for working with audio.